Good news for veterinary drugs companies

Good news for veterinary drugs companies


Bagged material - mixer - packaging machine

In recent years, the Ministry of Agriculture has become more and more strict in the management of veterinary drug production, and has continuously introduced new policies to strengthen the supervision of veterinary drug companies. In early 2006, after the implementation of the veterinary drug GMP compulsory certification prescribed by the Ministry of Agriculture, veterinary drug companies must obtain GMP certification before they can obtain Production License. In 2011, the Ministry of Agriculture increased the new regulations on the acceptance of veterinary drugs, and it also highlighted the importance attached by the Ministry of Agriculture to the production of veterinary drugs.

This shows that the traditional production process can not adapt to the new economic and social development needs, must change the production mode, the use of automation and mechanization, in order to ensure the quality of the production of products, but also promote the better development of enterprises. By summarizing the characteristics of the veterinary drug customers who have cooperated, the company designs and develops a closed dust-free conveying system and production line that is highly suitable for veterinary drug powders, and helps the veterinary drug companies to solve the problems of dust flying and high labor intensity in the production of veterinary drugs. Solve production problems and greatly improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

The following is a case of a veterinary drug factory that my company has done, analyzing the advantages of our company's design solutions and products. The raw material powder of the veterinary drug factory is mixed into the packaging machine. The original use of the raw materials is manual feeding and discharging. The disadvantages of the first are that it does not meet the requirements of GMP, which is easy to cause cross-contamination between people and materials. Secondly, manual operation is not enough. Accurate, the material yield can not be guaranteed, and the efficiency is difficult to guarantee; the third is the high cost of labor costs and disposable production equipment, the cost can not be reduced, and the economic benefits are not obvious. Then, for the problems of the company, our engineers provide the following solutions:

Previous powder production process: bagged materials - mixer - packaging machine
Current powder production process: dust-free dumping station (enhanced magnetic iron remover) - vacuum conveyor - mixer - vacuum conveyor - packaging machine
Process demonstration: manually put the material into the dust-free dumping station, the material in the dust-free dumping station is transported to the mixer through the vacuum conveyor, and the mixed material is transported to the vacuum conveyor, when the vacuum conveyor falls After the bottom valve is opened, the material falls into the downstream packaging machine.

Comprehensive analysis of the advantages of the production line, first of all to ensure the closed production and automatic control of materials from the feeding to the packaging process, reducing cross-contamination of people and materials, in line with the national GMP requirements for veterinary drug production; second, automated control, reducing labor And reduce the labor intensity, but the productivity is greatly improved, and has very good economic benefits. Third, mechanical automation guarantees no dust flying, improves the yield of materials, saves energy and reduces consumption, and meets the requirements of national energy conservation and environmental protection; The production line has a high maturity, all equipments are specially made, in line with the plant's process flow, and the equipment has stable running performance, long service life, low risk, small investment and large return!